For a number of our customers, it is not practical for them to either own a card printer or print their own cards given cost, skill set and/or time constraints.
     A preferred option for them is to utilize our Full-Card-Service which allows them to receive custom full-color cards when they need them with minimal effort.
     Customers simply provide us we take the photos from your employes, do the graphic artwork and specifications and a short-time later they receive custom cards from us without having to buy a card printer and eliminating the headaches of printing cards.

Some common applications for these cards include employee badges, student IDs, membership cards and loyalty cards. Our card printing service can be a great low cost alternative when small quantities are needed, as well as for large quantities when you don't want to overburden your existing capabilities.

• We takes the photos from your employee for a maximum of service
• Free Card Design – We design your template
• No Printers to buy
• Saves your time and your budget

Business Employee IDcards range from standard photo IDs to multiuse cards for building access, network login, time/attandance and payroll systems. ID Card Printing Service ofer a full range of solutions, including extra secure features like lamination, UV Panel or Holograms.
Education ID Card Printing Service encoding and printing options makes it easy to issue staff and student ID cards for campus access, Lunch programs, library lending, cashless purchases and attendance.
Loyalty cards Customer loyalty is an important driver of growth for a business. Opting for decentralized loyalty card printing provides greater independence and responsiveness, and helps increase your turnover.

  • We takes the photos from your employee for a maximum of service.

  • Free Card Design - We design your template.

  • No Printers to buy & no technical problems.

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